Choosing the Right Slushy Maker

Maybe you are running a business, but you find it difficult to attract enough customers, or you do not satisfy the existing ones. It would be a good idea to add slushy machines. They work for both children and adults and can give you a much-needed hand when you need it. In most cases, nothing is better than providing people the opportunity to get top-notch frozen smoothies, slushies, and cocktails. The following are steps to follow when choosing a slushy maker.

Consider Vital Factors

You can find machines that fill automatically, and others can be filled by hand. That would not be a problem, but when the filling is done manually, you will have to do the mixing yourself. Even if you like working with your hands, this may not be effective as compared to when you have a lot of people waiting for beverages.

Remember that slush machines are available in a wide range of sizes. That means their capacities do differ. It is advisable to look at the number of bowls it has because that will have an impact on the number of cups your machine can produce within an hour.


You need to understand the costs associated with owning these machines. When you know the costs beforehand, it is quite effective as it will allow you to cut them down.

A slushy machine that requires manual filling is likely to break down more often as compared to one that fills up automatically. That way, they are costlier than the latter. You can increase your profits and reduce your expenses by purchasing the auto-filling machine. Most manual-filling machines can easily be transformed into automatic filling ones. The investment can increase your ROI and reduce the risk of having repairs every month.


The functionality of a slushy maker is more important as compared to the design, although you should not underestimate the latter. For instance, having a machine with a transparent screen and swirling colors can do the magic for your business. That is because colorful things are known to attract customers. For instance, they can have a huge impact on children.

Running a slushy business can be quite profitable if you get the right slushy maker. If you want to open one, follow the above tips. It is advisable to get a slushy maker with automatic filling has it has a better ROI than manual filling one.